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Discover the new UCC Filing Hub

No more redundant data entry and tedious checking for accuracy across multiple forms, the UCC filing hub is a simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use platform that offers you smart UCC automation.

UCC Filing Hub

See how the UCC Hub can simplify your UCC filings

Designed for your deal workflow

UCC Filing Hub is made for project-based workflows. Every detail was designed from the ground up with hands-on input from law firm professionals.

Intuitive, accurate & easy to use

Start using UCC Filing Hub instantly. It’s so intuitive to use, you’ll need minimal, if any, training. You can access UCC Filing Hub from desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

UCC Filing Hub - Key Benefits

Organize filings by deal or matter

No more complex searching and batching. You can group deal-related filings together in client matter folders.

Prepare UCC right in the form

All the forms you need are there – UCC-1s, UCC-3s, addendums, and forms for jurisdictions with special requirements: NY, NJ, FL, TN, AL and MD.

Prevent filing rejections

Robust compliance audits help prevent rejected filings and bulk features let you quickly create, print and submit filings, as well as update information.

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Speed and cost savings. The UCC Filing Hub is designed for your deal workflow. Schedule a demo today.

UCC Filings Resources

Introduction Video

UCC Filing Brochure

UCC Filing Interactive Demo

What is the UCC Filing Hub?

UCC Filing Hub is a simple, intuitive UCC filing tool that’s built around the way your deals work. It was designed from the ground up with hands-on input from law firm professionals. Every detail delivers accuracy, maximum efficiency, and intuitive use. Its clean, straightforward interface is only one of the many ways it will help you add more value to your work.

What are the main features?

The main features of the UCC Filing HUb are: 

  • Organize filings by deal/matter
  • Prepare UCCs in the form
  • Save effort with bulk functions
  • Direct e-filing with 46 states and audit checks

Can someone give me a demo?

Yes, contact us at 855-316-8948 to request a demo and a team member will be in touch with you.


How can I access the UCC Filing Hub?

You can start using UCC Filing Hub right away. Log into ucc.ctadvantage.com with your current CTAdvantage log-in credentials. If you need to request a log-in, contact us


What functionality does the Filing Hub have?

  • Matter Organization: group multiple filings by deal
  • In-Form preparation
  • UCC-1s and UCC-3s
    • National Form and New York
    • With addendums (up to 3: e.g. extra-long collateral text)
    • And attachments (up to 2: e.g. collateral and legal description)
  • Special Jurisdictional rules (AL, FL, MD, NJ, TN)

And much more...

  • Auto-spill over for long collateral text
  • Copy Filing functionality
  • Multi-Edit functionality
  • Bulk Print functionality
  • Submit to CT – Paper Filings
  • Stored custom templates for contact information and frequently used secured parties and collateral statements
  • Electronic filing in 46 states
  • Multi-Edit with attachments and addendums
  • Bulk print/save to individual UCC PDF files 

How many filings can I submit at a time through the UCC Filing Hub?

There is no limit imposed to the number of filings you can submit at one time. If you are submitting large sized files (e.g. a large number of UCCs each having large exhibit attachments), you may consider submitting them in smaller groups to speed the transmission of the orders to your service team.

How many filings can I bulk-print into a pdf?

The UCC Filing Hub does not limit the number of filings you can print together. If you are printing more than five UCCs together, the Filing Hub will run the print function in a separate window, so you can continue working without impediment.

How is the UCC Filing Hub different from iLien?

iLien was built for banking clients.  A law firm’s needs are different.  UCC Filing Hub is the most user-friendly UCC filing application supporting the law firm deal-centric workflow.  Its features were developed from direct law firm customer feedback.

What are the future development plans for the UCC Filing Hub?

We will assess customer feedback on our roadmap throughout the year.

What our Customers are Saying

"CT has simplified and streamlined my filing process through their UCC Filing Hub. Since working with CT, I have filed and tracked over 20 UCC-1s with the hub and really like how I can do all of this on one user-friendly platform. Time management is also crucial to my daily work because I support 15 to 25 attorneys at any given time. Being able to upload and include exhibits right in the Hub as well as update multiple documents all at once has helped save time and resources. CT has been a convenient and efficient way to file." - Paralegal, AM Law Top 250 Firm